Soil and Soil Amendment

Potting Soil – Fox Hill Gardens makes soil on site using our specially formulated mix of bark mulch, perlite, peat moss and mineral fertilizers. Our soil has a rough, chunky structure that prevents rapid breakdown in pots, plus it’s loaded with nutrients! No extra fertilizer necessary.

Soil Amendment – When we transplant our plants into larger pots (i.e. “up-potting”)we save the old soil and use it as an amendment (i.e. recycling). Our soil breaks down with age, allowing it to retain and release moisture and nutrients. Earthworms and other critters break down the solid clumps, leaving a rich, fine-textured mix that can improve garden soil or mix in with a coarser potting soil in planters.

Peat Moss – This soil additive holds both water and nutrients and also acidifies soil. Peat moss is especially needed when planting acid-loving plants.